Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I want to try this "Eating Down the Fridge" challenge next week, which I found after following a trail of crumbs from Mark Bittman's blog. Sounds like a fun game and a fine segue from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian because some of the ingredients we will have to "eat down" are items purchased expressly to cook from Bittman's book. Like vital wheat gluten.  

Also, I love the idea of no food shopping for seven days. During the time saved I may write a novel. Should the heroine be a disheveled out-of-work book critic germinating rhubarb seeds* in her living room, or a lithe redhead prowling for a mate in pre-meltdown Manhattan? 

Really. You think?

Another also: I've picked the next cookbook to review, which is Fat by Jennifer McLagan. I flipped through it yesterday and it's irresistible, full of challenges and novelty and humor and delicious-sounding food that is a little weird, but not (to me) off-puttingly so. The first meal I want to make will consist of marrow bones, steak and kidney pudding and brown butter ice cream. McLagan's introduction: "Jack Sprat was wrong!"

My kids will be dismayed. I think crabby Regina Schrambling would approve of my screw-the-kids approach to cuisine. I'm not sure even I approve of that approach, but why change horses.

One more thing: This post about Alice Waters/elitism/food policy is fascinating and super-smart. Especially the last line. 
*they live! I have nine tiny rhubarb plants. I wish it would warm up so we could move this awkward operation outdoors.


  1. I haven't gone to the Eating Down the Fridge link, but frankly it doesn't sound very appetizing. Is the freezer included?

  2. Yes, and the pantry. We will be eating the canned baby clams.

  3. Agreed about the last line in that post. The whole thing was very insightful.

  4. How about a novel about an out-of-work Manhattan mad cook who gets into a rhubarb after prowling for seeds in Sausalito and whose children have rebelled and set off over the bridge and through the woods to Grandmother's house where they can be assured of Mac'n'cheese in San Francisco?

    I say go for the NOVEL...

  5. Help! Where is tipsy? We need a new post.

  6. Tipsy - thrilled that you're taking on Fat - and how appropriate following on your most recent odyssey! I have recently delved into Fat myself (how can you resist a book with a chapter titled "Pork Fat: The King"?! Though I confess I am still making my way (reading, not doing much cooking), through "Butter: Worth It". Nearly made the brown butter ice cream myself recently but in an impetuous moment went with pepper and orange pound cake - not sure that was the right decision. I predict no tantrums if you go with the Buttered Eggs some morning...