Friday, March 13, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: I think I've actually gained weight

This Challenge is turning out to be a nonevent in our (apparently) grossly overstuffed house. We're out of sugar and we're running low on milk, but won't even touch the lentils, the canned clams, the latke mix, the evaporated milk, the mung beans, the onions, the potatoes, the green tomato chutney, the garbanzo flour, etc.

As of last night, I'm officially done with Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. It's a masterpiece, though the final meal was a bit weak:

-Tempeh with rice and spinach. Owen likes tempeh, so I bought another 8 oz package last week. It cost $2.79, which, as I've pointed out, is more per pound than ground beef. But tempeh is its own, yummy, crunchy, nutty thing, and it's grown on me. I see the point. It was not, however, at at its best in this dish, a lemony, spinach-laden gruel. That was my opinion, anyway. Curiously, Mark and Owen liked it. 

-Carrots with raisins and dates. Carrots already fall in the "possibly too sweet" category, and don't need gooey fruits to underline the point. 

Summation of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian coming soon. 


  1. Even though you've mentioned it a couple times, I feel like I've still never even heard of tempeh. What is it again?

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