Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: I got creative

Two days into the (so far) unchallenging Challenge, we've been mostly eating as we normally would. Last night I heated some frozen chili from the Kenny Shopsin era and poured it on macaroni. Sophisticated!

For dessert, Isabel and I invented a cake.

A few weeks ago, a friend wrote on Facebook about how she grinds the freeze-dried strawberries from Trader Joe's and folds them into angel food cake batter. I tried her formula and it was tasty, though the flavor wasn't quite emphatic enough for me. Still, the concept had possibilities. Last night Isabel and I were making angel food cake and I remembered the crystallized rose petals someone gave me, and which I have never known how to use.

Now I did. We ground them up in the food processor. . .
and then folded the powder into the batter.

The results were amazing. Not delicious, but amazing. The cake was soft and collapsed when I took it out of the pan so it was more of a fluffy pink mound than a cake.
Also, it was a little like eating a heavy perfume, even for someone as fond of rose flavoring as I.

But all these problems can be fixed! What matters is that I successfully imported rose flavor and color into a cake. Now, I just have to tinker.

The question is, does anyone in the world but me even want a rose angel food cake?

Do I even want a rose angel food cake?


  1. I want rose angelfood cake! that sounds divine!

  2. Yes, yes - I want it too - and perhaps a lavender one while you're at it? Brilliant, Tipsy!

  3. Bleck. Not me. I hate eating perfume.

    The method, however . . . that is worth further research. All kinds of ideas are popping into my head.

  4. I forgot to tell you--the whey I just used yesterday was from the ricotta I made for the ravioli, whenever that was. Two weeks ago? Anyway, the bread was superb. Whey keeps for a good long time. I bet if you use it within a month you'll be fine.

  5. Oh no, I threw my whey away because all the stuff I've read makes you think it goes toxic after 48 hours. I had a feeling that was wrong. I'll just make more paneer and all will be well.