The Family


You can find out about me on the About Jennifer page. Meet the other people who live in my house.


My husband, Mark, grew up in suburban Philadelphia and has watched  every episode ever made of the original Columbo. He is a the editor of Bleacher Report.

We got married in 1996.

Mark's favorite movie: McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Favorite book: "I'm not a reader."
Favorite food: coffee milkshake
Least favorite food: beets

When he was young, he had this haircut:

I'm not trying to embarrass him. When I was young I had this haircut:
Some saw a resemblance to Jimmy Osmond.


ISABEL is 18 and a senior in high school. She is a dancer and an excellent baker. (She developed the chocolate chip cookie recipe in Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.) In 2005, she and I collaborated on her aunt Justine's wedding cake.

We had to go with fondant.

Isabel's favorite movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy
Favorite book: The Golden Compass
Favorite food: avocado
Least favorite foods: bananas

When she was a little,  Isabel once tried to run out of a store with a dress I wasn't going to buy for her because she wanted it so badly.

Isabel has never forgiven us for this haircut:


OWEN is 14. He is in the 9th grade and collects comic books, watches a lot of movies, draws, and does ceramics. 

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski
Favorite book: Watchmen
Favorite food: "That Indian mac n' cheese you make." (Vaudouvan mac n' cheese from Make the Bread buy the Butter.)
Least favorite food: "Tomato soup! You know that, Mom."

Owen never learned to crawl and when he was a baby he was very blond.

He has never had an embarrassing haircut, by which I do not mean that he has never had a bad haircut, just that he is unembarrassed by haircuts.