Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: It would take 6 months to eat down this fridge

I've been remiss in describing our meals since starting the (still unchallenging!) Challenge. I'll stick to dinners.

Sunday: leftovers
Monday: defrosted Kenny Shopsin chili served over macaroni
Tuesday: spaghetti with Marcella Hazan's tomato-butter sauce. I had planned something more elaborate and non-pasta, but schedule did not permit.

Which brings us to Wednesday, when my mother comes over and we always make fresh pasta. Pasta three nights in a row. The children were thrilled.

Isabel has a thing for pumpkin ravioli and while we don't have a root cellar full of pumpkins, let alone a root cellar, we had some sweet potatoes so decided to make sweet potato ravioli using Mark Bittman's recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Personally, I'm not crazy about whipped, yammy things, but can be objective: these were very good for what they were trying to be. Sauce: melted butter and toasted pumpkin seeds.

I'll write about the incredible foraged salad and interesting palm sugar ice cream in separate posts. Since I had one sweet potato left, this morning I made sweet potato biscuits from Beth Hensperger's Bread Bible, which is truly a bible. The biscuits are easy, pretty, and, everyone agreed, fantastically delicious. You can find the recipe right here. 


  1. sweet potato biscuits particularly excellent. like scones but better. like biscuits but better.

  2. I must make those biscuits. I will do it tomorrow. They look incredible.

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