Monday, March 30, 2009

Fat: Breton butter cake baked & bees ordered

Pretty and delicious cake made from a Jennifer McLagan recipe, but I'm too distracted and nervous right now to focus on pastry. I just ordered our Italian bees -- two 3-lb. packages -- to arrive on April 25. I feel like the person who sold them should have done an assessment to see if I'm actually a fit keeper for thousands and thousands of tiny lives. I'm not sure that I am, but will try to rise to the occasion. 


  1. tell us more about italian bees. how do they differ from, say, greek bees, or french bees, or even california bees?
    and what kind of "packages" do they arrive in?
    can't wait to hear this step by step.

  2. The place I bought from only sells two types of bees -- Italian and Carniolan. For our microclimate, they recommended Italian. Now I have to start putting in bee-friendly flowers.

  3. You must provide photos of a packet of bees that arrive in the mail. And I hope someone is coming up with the appropriate Italian welcome phrases for bees. Congratulations! And wow, you really can buy anything on the internet, I guess!
    Oh, yeah, and the cake looks amazing too.