Monday, March 09, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: Still alive

Day one of the experiment went fine. Little to note except the sourdough bread I baked using Mark Bittman's starter, Beth Hensperger's recipe from The Bread Bible, and whey instead of water. I've always liked the recipe, but this may be the best batch I've made, lofty and handsome and basically perfect. Attributable to whey? Can't be sure. I baked two big loaves and less than 24 hours later, one is gone.

I asked Owen take a neat, careful bite out of his toast before I photographed it this morning. Mark and Isabel made a mockery of my efforts. They think they're so sly.

But teasing is easy, people. It's food styling that's hard. 


  1. I swear it's the whey. It's magic.

    Except for with ciabatta, which I have now failed at TWICE. Stupid bread.

    I'm very interested in the results of your experiment--I wonder if you really will get to those canned clams.

  2. Your fridge reminds me of my days at home with my parents. Does a fridge like this come with kids? Not having any - my fridge is full of tonic and pickles while all the perishables get purchased "just in time." Your fridge looks like a great adventure. A grocery store right with everything paid for!

    You should reach out to Lynn Rosetta when she's on air to try her "challenge." She'll come up with a great recipe using only 5 random ingredients from your fridge. You could give her 20 ingredients!

    Smart Blog - i'm really interested in your cookbook reviews.