Thursday, May 14, 2009

You'd have to be crazy to date the movie Spock instead of Kirk

Seriously, Uhura needs glasses. Otherwise, Star Trek was swell, entertaining to both sentimental grown woman and excitable 8-year-old boy.

I made a slightly altered, slightly inferior version (see above) of the green tea cake the other day. I asked husband if he'd try it and tell me his thoughts. He said, "No. I've already tasted green tea cake and it's not as good as real cake." 

Funny husband. There's one more version I want to attempt before posting a recipe. 

Meanwhile, my friend D.* is coming over this morning and we are going to make kombucha using a "mother" given to me by Robin, a longtime kombucha-maker and fermented foods expert.

I do not drink kombucha. A few years ago, I was searching for a zero-calorie, non-water drink at Whole Foods when I saw this juicy-looking beverage that appeared to be as close as I was going to get, barring the miraculous appearance of diet Dr. Pepper. I bought it, took a sip, experienced the terrifying shock of kombucha, and have never gone back for more. 

Not everyone feels this way. D. drinks a bottle of kombucha every day and Robin has long extolled the health-giving properties of fermented foods like kombucha, which supposedly help repopulate the gut with "good" bacteria.

D. kept talking about the price of kombucha (high) and wouldn't it be interesting to make it, and I agreed it would be interesting to make it. If not drink it.

I've postponed wrapping up Molly Wizenberg's Homemade Life because cherries have appeared in the market and she has a recipe for bread salad with cherries, arugula, and goat cheese that I want to try. Four of my favorite foods are mentioned in the name of that dish. 

*I can't imagine she will mind being mentioned by name in the blog, but there are lots of things I have failed to imagine.


  1. I think I might want some kombucha instructions.

    I can't wait for sour cherries, because I finally have something worth doing with them.

    And I can't vouch for the new movie, but if you're talking old Star Trek? Spock all the way. Leonard Nimoy is dreamy. It's sad that I just typed that, even if it is true.

  2. I totally agree about Leonard Nimoy. I thought so even when I was ten. But in this movie, they totally missed with the young Vulcan casting and you just have to go with Kirk.

    What are you doing with sour cherries?

  3. If I could come to your house and make anything, I'd let you post my name.

  4. JAM! I just finished the jar I got from fellow blogger All8, and I am despondent. It is the best jam I have EVER eaten. Ever.

  5. Spock was the strong, smart, quiet type. He was super sexy. Young Kirk was sort of a dream boat, but he was also a real toolbox most of the time. I agree with Uhura.

    I'm excited to see your green tea cake recipe! Sounds delicious

  6. Jessica,
    I can see your point. Spock was kind and thoughtful, working to control his impulses as opposed to impetuous "toolbox" Kirk. Maybe I just hold Spock portrayers to an unreasonably high standard.
    I thought Nimoy was great in his cameo.

    I love sour cherries and am super-bummed that they do not really grow well here. I looked for frozen sour cherries the other day and all they had was sweet which is a like a completely different fruit.

  7. Unless Kirk stuffs his undies with socks instead of substance...

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