Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Melvil's Egg Man

In a recent comment, Melvil Dewey mentioned the "egg man" in which is his mother served soft-boiled eggs. Several of you wanted photographs, and here they are. Thanks, Melvil. 

What do we think, hot or not? 

That's a stupid question, the egg man is awesome. Or is it a woman? Is that a bucket or a purse?


  1. Oh boy i am so happy to see that! I had a whole picture in my mind that had him looking more gnome-like, and not painted, just carved wood. This guy is much better than that! And that's a bucket filled with salt, i think. Thanks for posting!

  2. Of course, now i am also coveting the egg man. so i went looking on ebay, and there are some good ones, though none as good as him:

  3. what we learned about egg cups on our trip east is that the French word for egg cup is coquetier. and cocktails are called cocktails because the first cocktail was made by measuring the alcohol with both end of the egg cups. hence coquetier becomes cocktail.
    we learned this at the Buffalo Trace distillery tour in Frankfort Kentucky. It is a great tour and you get to sample bourbon and bourban balls.

  4. Melvil Dewey5/19/09, 2:19 PM

    Yes, that's a bucket for salt. And note the toast strips in the background--painstakingly buttered and sliced to the perfect width for dipping into the egg man's cranium. The lengths one goes to for one's culinary art. Koo koo ka choo.

  5. omfrigginggod
    Can't believe someone else has the eggwoman. Mine was a woman. And my mother also had matching salt and pepper shakers. I remember them having tall chef hats. I will have to scrounge around in her cupboards next time I visit cause she NEVER throws anything away.