Friday, May 22, 2009

Living the Sweet Life in Paris: David & David

I just realized how much David Tanis and David Lebovitz have in common. Both are gay men who worked at Chez Panisse, moved to Paris, dislike Beaujolais Nouveau, and have written cookbooks. They're also friends. But I think the similarities end there. 

Tanis says things like, "I'm not much for rich, gooey cakes. . ." and "I scoff at the early asparagus that arrives around Valentine's Day. . ." and "You are probably not surprised to learn that I am not a fan of fusion. They can keep their wasabi aioli, thank you very much. . . ."

Lebovitz says things like, "You can't miss with a crisp disk of meringue topped with a scoop of coffee ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, and candied nuts. . ." and "How can you not love mole?" and "I always find myself eating more than one would think prudent. . ." He has invented recipes for Altoid brownies, and (fusion) green tea madeleines.

I have to make Altoid brownies.


  1. Altoid brownies not too appetizing, but I am curiously interested in trying one.

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