Thursday, May 21, 2009

My life flashed before my eyes and it looked like Whole Foods

Yesterday, it was just Owen and me doing the grocery shopping. It's been a lousy week. I have no idea why. I was slumping in front of the crowded meat counter wondering whether to defer to pushy people or risk being perceived as pushy myself, and decided this was a "defer" kind of day. You need different strategies for different moods.

Owen: "Can we have clams for dinner?"
Tipsy: "Clams? You don't like clams."
Owen: "Yes I do. I love them. Steamed clams."

Tipsy: "We're having chicken."

Owen: "Then I won't eat any dinner."

Tipsy: "So, don't eat dinner."

Owen: "Okay I won't. Pleeeaaase?"

Tipsy: "No."

Owen: "Pleeeasse."

Not cute. Not appealing. I decided to teach him a lesson. I bought a handful of clams just for him. Came home, dinner rolled around, I steamed the clams. At first I was going to serve them plain -- gray and chewy --  but I softened and made some garlic butter. I do actually like the boy. I intended to sit and watch him eat them so he'd have to look me in the eye when he admitted he doesn't like clams. 

And I was right, of course. He doesn't like clams. He said these particular clams tasted "weird," and stopped after two. Which was great! All the more for me. I was too busy eating the clams myself to impart any lessons. They were fantastic, dipped in that garlic butter, so much better than the chicken. 

Terrible week.


  1. Sympathy! Some days/weeks are just like that. Sigh. I've been enjoying your blog for the last couple of weeks (ever since you did the 'pantry staples' article for Slate), and just wanted you to know someone was thinking kind thoughts your way.

  2. I have been having my own terrible week, so I feel your pain. Sometimes you just have to give in, and let it be terrible. Even if Owen didn't like them, the clams sound delicious.

    And I've been loving your reviews of "A Homemade Life," although I now feel incredibly guilty that I bought my mother "A Platter of Figs" for Christmas! Oh well. You can't win them all.


  3. Aw, thank-you both.

    moderndomestic: Don't feel bad about Platter of Figs! Just tell your mom to make the octopus salad and the celery root remoulade. And there might be great recipes in the Summer and Fall sections. I don't understand why I've had such bad luck with Tanis. Other people have loved. it.

  4. I too found you after the Slate article. Really enjoyed your book reviews too. Love your blog. Own many of the books you are cooking through and appreciate you trying them out for me!


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