Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a sky in the cloud

I've been listless lately, unable to motivate myself to start a new cookbook or cook anything at all. I  blame the weather. First it was hot and I was out there happily throwing money into holes planting in the garden. Now: foggy. 

Growing up in San Francisco, I experienced summer as the most alienating season of the year on account of the fog. The rest of the country is hanging out at the community pool, playing in sprinklers/fire hydrants, waiting for the ice cream truck. But you -- you special bohemian San Francisco kid, you -- are living inside a giant, lonely cloud. 

Of course, you're not allowed to wish you could hang out at the pool because that's just so bourgeois and suburban. You're lucky! Don't you know that? You're growing up in freaking San Francisco. You can take Muni down to Haight Street and buy yourself a vintage pea coat or nurse a cappuccino at the Blue Danube while writing sad things in tiny print in your journal. Or check out the groovy poetry books at City Lights! Or smoke clove cigarettes at Coit Tower! Or watch a documentary about an avant garde porn director at the Roxie! With such cultural riches who needs the sun? 

I hate it when I get sarcastic. I like San Francisco, just not in the summer. 

Just checked on the kombucha. It has a translucent skin all across the top like Jell-O, and there are no foul odors emanating. This is good news.

Tonight: David Tanis' Supper of the Lamb.


  1. oh thank god, you're going to teach me how to make kumbacha. and maybe to spell it as well. why is that stuff so expensive?

    i got a bad one once at my annoying hippie grocery where everyone is stoned and not in a good way. threw up for a day. haven't ventured back since, but if i can control the product...

  2. That's what I'm scared of -- controlling the product! I can't control anything, so how do I control this?

  3. it sounds like you're on track with the kombucha, tipsy. just let it go a few more days then taste it. i'd estimate about a week total for the stuff to attain the right acidity..

    and.... as for the san francisco part of your story, well, just remember it's like getting a facial every day. you should see the faces on we women up here in the dry mountain air... yikes

  4. And on the bright side, Bill Cosby's routine about driving a stick shift really speaks to you.