Sunday, May 10, 2009

How hard could it be?

Although it is one of my favorite foods, I've never wanted to learn to make sushi because: 

a. expensive
b. dangerous, what with the scary raw fish

Instead, I eat it in restaurants where it is:

a. incredibly expensive
b. perfectly safe, because sushi masters know magic and restaurant workers are cleaner and care more about food safety than I do.

Logic worthy of one of my chickens.

We went to a "chic" sushi restaurant last night where the average price for two pieces of nigiri was $10. We ordered sparingly, ate nervously, and judged the sushi mediocre. I looked at our tiny plate of tuna maki -- vinegared rice, seaweed, maybe half an ounce of fish -- and thought, I could do this better and cheaper.

Well, maybe, maybe not. But I'm going to try. 

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I've been up for hours but hear stirrings that suggest I need to return to bed for my annual breakfast in bed, which, for reasons I don't entirely understand, always involves Twinkies. 


  1. Happy Mothers Day Tipsy!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us (and for writing so well about it...)

  2. You can TOTALLY make your own sushi. The hard thing is laying your hands on the right fish, which I imagine is a good deal easier where you live than here in Utah.

  3. Layne -- Trout sushi?
    Helltoupee -- Kombucha this week.

  4. Did Mr. Tipsy ever go to Peg Bloom's to make sushi? It's very fun. As I recall, hard to get right the first time but also, it was the early 80s and sushi was exotic and not something you could get in your supermarket, so part of that challenge may have been not knowing the texture I was going for. The fish is the iffiest part.
    When you come here for vacation soon :-) we'll take you to Morimoto where we had dinner and a show at the sushi station and it was so fun to watch them do their work.
    And what's with kombucha in the zeitgeist this week? Can't find it out here.

  5. I have a friend who drinks a lot of kombucha so we're going to make it. (I know the Kitchn did it recently, which is reassuring.) I actually hate the way kombucha tastes, but am interested in the process. Maybe it'll grow on me?
    Mr. Tipsy recalls nothing culinary from his chilldhood except the powdered milk he was forced to drink by his father. I will ask him about Peg Bloom right now.

  6. Thanks for a great blog. My mom and I read it all the time!

    I live around the block from Sebo and agree that it's super expensive and not that good. Try Domo which is a block away and delicious!

  7. My family just vacationed in Miami FL and the sushi there was very good and relatively inexpensive--the best places in town were about $30 a person according to Zagat's. So maybe splurge on sushi on vacation?

    I've made my own "sushi" but not with raw fish. I've used canned tuna and smoked salmon (great with cream cheese) and raw and cooked veggies like green beans, carrots and the usual cuke and avocado.

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