Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I do not love nature

We had a windstorm yesterday that blew out a small section of our fence and during the brief period before I noticed the breach, deer entered our yard. Our young pear and apricot trees have both been denuded of their leaves, and the apricot lost its single fruit. The gooseberries were partially stripped. Deer are very sweet and graceful when grazing on remote hillsides, but when they break into our garden I hate them with such vitriol I would have no trouble running Bambi through the new sausage machine. Ok, maybe not Bambi, but Bambi's childless uncle. It would be payback for countless past crimes against the loquat tree (R.I.P.), the grape vines, the ceanothus (which they supposedly do not even like), the roses. 

Sadly, illegal.

Mark is turning over soil as I type. I had to leave the scene to escape the resentment vibrating from his body in squiggly lines, like in a comic strip. The only thing he would enjoy less is to pay someone.  


  1. oh i'm so sorry! the deer decimated my peppers and tomatoes last year and i felt the same way- i hated them for it! so upsetting. just be glad you're still early in the season and there wasn't more for them to kill.

  2. They have stunted my apple and cherry trees and killed the apricot and cottonwood. Filth.

    John is a begrudging gardener, too.

  3. Awful! The first spring after I planted 10 ffuit trees, the deer got in and ate them to nubs. Up went a new, strong and high fence.

  4. in a land far away, we have shotguns and rifles for this problem. and for what it's worth, venison sausage really can be delicious.
    just saying.