Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12 $$

Crissy Field, where we had our Easter picnic, is practically in my mother's backyard. Lucky her, and she knows it. I was a lazy bum and only contributed two bags of potato chips to our pleasant lunch: $6. My grandmother isn't supposed to eat salty snacks like ripple-cut Lays, but does anyway.
That's her under the umbrella next to my sister. That's me on the left looking cool and sullen in my new(ish) skinny jeans. The jeans look especially fabulous from a distance when I'm sitting down.
Here's a better picture of my grandmother:

You know why she looks good? Because she's spent 97 years sitting under parasols while simultaneously wearing a HAT, a lesson she clearly imparted to my mother, but not to my cousin Marina. Actually, I think the hat thing is a big hoax. They were all three born with tan skin that wouldn't burn on a scorching afternoon in Andalusia and everyone knows the real secret of graceful aging is not botox or Oil of Olay or hats, it is an olive complexion. Duh.

Thank-you, Dad, for the pallor.
The taxes are almost done. Lots of lavender going in to the garden today because it will make the bees feel at home. I do not even own a hat, but am thinking, hoax or not, I should go buy one. 


  1. Well, I didn't exactly choose to give you pallor. I think we should both gang up on ancient ancestors never known to either of us. And since you don't like your skin, and know what to do about it, get the hat.

  2. All the more reason to get the hat!