Friday, April 03, 2009

April 3 $$

So much to report, but I'm too stuffed with pork belly to remain upright. Tomorrow, all about pork belly, plus homemade marshmallows, yogurt vs. yogurt, lemon tart, and our baby apricot tree.

Tonight, just expenses. I made one trip to Safeway because my father was coming over and he likes a martini before dinner. Bought a big jug of vodka (so much cheaper when you buy the giant bottle), a package of cupcake sleeves, and some Kerr canning jars. Do I count the jars and cupcake sleeves as food? Executive decision: no. Vodka? Of course.

Vodka   $28.99

Total:  $28.99

I don't drink vodka anymore, but a girl has to take care of her pops. Plus, he brought me five more pounds of lemons from his insane tree. Man should open a lemon stand. 

All in all, a fiscally decent day.

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