Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11 $$

Because the no-photo posts are bumming me out.

I don't cook nice meals for myself when I'm alone. Last night I saw I Love You, Man, bought popcorn and that was dinner. 

popcorn $4.75

Movie was moderately amusing, fairly coarse. Paul Rudd: excellent. Jason Segel: excellent. Rashida Jones: good enough, though I'll always resent her for dating Jim when he so clearly belonged with Pam.

I also read this funny piece, amended a tiny amount of soil, moved some bricks, smashed several dozen centipedes nesting in the bricks, thought hard about whether or not to get chickens, fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon while trying to read Riven Rock, and collected tax documents. I bet the chickens would eat the centipedes.


  1. my 2 pennies:
    chickens are wonderful, fresh eggs superb! and while i doubt you'll have predators in town, rats are almost always inevitable...

    if i had chickens again, i would seriously ponder this aspect of the relationship.

  2. Thank-you for the counsel, helltoupee. My thoughts are very circular on this whole chicken bizness. We do have both raccoons and skunks on the property, and coyotes in the neighborhoods. We also have rats already, which I know because one of our cats kills them and brings them to me on a regular basis. I feel Emily can take care of the rats, but by the same token I am also concerned she may take care of the chickens, if you know what I mean.

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