Thursday, April 02, 2009

April 2 $$

I was in San Francisco yesterday and found myself on Clement Street, which is death on the budget because everything is a bargain. Funny how that works. 

-mace, Aleppo pepper, honey candy from Haig's: $7.57
-5 lbs. pork belly, long beans, ginger, kumquats, 4 bunches of green onions from the New May Wah Market: $21.33
-Mark bought a cup of coffee: $1.29
-Owen's school lunch: $4.75
-Isabel's school lunch: $5

TOTAL: $39.94

I have to buy something whenever I go into Haig's because I ardently love that little store and will cry if/when it goes out of business. Also, the mace was in "blade" form. Exciting.

We'll use all the New May Wah purchases pretty quickly. Look at that ginger:

Just incredible, so much fatter and juicier than the shriveled stalks at Whole Foods and it's a quarter the price. It's from China but I don't think you can put melamine in ginger.

The school lunches are stupid and overpriced, but the kids like pizza day and I don't want to be stingy. 


  1. Melvil Dewey4/3/09, 11:31 AM

    What does one do with that implement in the foreground of the photo?

  2. Hey Melvil,
    That's a $3 chinese spatula/food shovel. I've never had one but it looks useful.