Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10 $$

Mark bought a chicken sandwich at work  $3.95
I bought some milk             4.39
We all went out to dinner*  61.78

Total $70.12

*We went to The Ark, a Chinese restaurant in Alameda near the airport. Years ago I read something that made me badly want to eat there, but I think the chef might have changed. Even I've made better cumin beef. After dinner, I dropped my companions off at the Southwest terminal to fly to Oregon and I returned to our lonely abode. Plans for the next few days include: taxes, garden, taxes, I Love You, Man, taxes, Easter with my family of origin, TAXES. 


  1. well it's clear i'm going to have to buy the "Milk" cookbook. This kills me because I'm sure it's in a file cabinet at my old employer's, or stacked up in a corner of the newsroom, neglected, unwanted, unreviewed, when it ought to be at my house being put to great use.

    PS there is no good chinese food anywhere in alameda. NONE. i have tried in vain, over and over. asked everyone i know for recommendations, tried all of their suggestions. and there is nothing worth eating. no good mexican either, merely adequate. so we commute for good food.

  2. Mary,
    I got MILK through my old employer! What am I going to do now? I still have to post that yogurt recipe.
    Yes, the Ark was disappointing. But Alameda was great! And so close to Oakland Airport!