Sunday, April 05, 2009

April 4 $$

Mark hit Safeway yesterday. He spent $51.07 on store-brand cheese, store-brand chicken soup, peanuts, beer, cherry 7-Up, and some other junk. I mean, food. 

Plus, there's a carryover from April 3 when he went out to a goodbye party for his boss and estimates he spent around $25.

Total: $76.07

Bad. But what can you do.


  1. i think the $25 for your husband's boss's going away party is irrelevant to this accounting.
    that isn't sustenance expenditure.
    that's entertainment. or a business expense. or therapy.
    but it doesn't belong in the food budget.
    even the usda wouldn't be that strict.

  2. You're probably right. I'm not trying to hew to a budget yet, just to see how much we actually spend on all food and beverage. Maybe I'll excise this at the end of the month.