Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 13 $$

I've completely lost my cookbook momentum. Without anyone to cook for, why would I? And when I don't cook, what is the point of this blog? 

Kids return from Oregon on Thursday. I collected Mark from the airport last night. We went out to dinner at a Chez Panisse-like (very limited menu, everything restrained and tasteful and super-expensive) restaurant called Camino and spent $110, which is more than you pay for a whole packet of bees. The $25 lamb entree seemed to be comprised of a bunch of scraps. The term "scrag ends" keeps coming to mind but I don't exactly know what it means. Now I do, and it's about right. Tasted lovely, but: scrag ends.


  1. I have almost gone to Camino at least twice. But then I read something on Yelp about the tiny portions or the almost passively aggressive limited menu and I put it off and go somewhere I know and already love. But it keeps floating back into my mind. Now that I've heard about your scraggy lamb scraps, i think I can just cross it off the list.
    We're going to Pizzaiolo tomorrow night. The pizza makes me so happy...