Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Over. Thank God.

Well, that was cool. That was really awesome. The last eight years have been pretty lonely and sad for us latte-sipping, arugula-eating Blue State types. But we're one with the "real" Americans again! We're on the same page with Indiana and Virginia and (probably) North Carolina! I feel like whipping up some biscuits and gravy to celebrate, except I still don't have a recipe.

Oh, and we're back together with Nevada. Despite the gambling and hookers and Las Vegas, I have always had a soft spot for Nevada. And New Mexico! Thank-you, New Mexico. I love blue corn anything. And fry bread. Or is that an Arizona thing?

Much mental energy now freed up to worry about other stuff. Like the fidgety nocturnal animal that has taken up residence inside the wall beside our bed. Like the fact that my favorite Lucky jeans are falling apart but I don't want to buy new ones until I lose ten pounds. Like the fact that I think I'm about to lose my job. Like what to do with all those green tomatoes I told my father to bring me from his garden.


  1. lucky jeans sale the day after christmas, 50% off almost everything. Though, i can probably also loan you some of my too-small ones. stop by!

  2. Obama pledges: Jeans for Everyone. Fry bread sounds good, too.

  3. Well, I'm boring, but I love fried green tomatoes intensely. It would fit in nicely with your Charleston Cuisine, perhaps.