Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eat Me: Enchiladas

Kenny Shopsin's wife, Eve, died in 2002 and he dedicated Eat Me to her. Here's how Kenny introduces his recipe for pecan chicken wild rice enchiladas:

"This was Eve's favorite dish at Shopsin's. . . . Eve liked to recommend it to her customers so she could eat whatever they left on their plates." (Tipsy emphasis.)

I made these enchiladas last night and they were good. But holy hell, not THAT good. Shopsin is eccentric in ways that can not be faked and apparently Eve was too, though to be fair, she's not here to defend herself. Even if she did eat leftover scraps off customers' plates, would she appreciate Kenny writing about it in his book? Thoughts?

I just asked Isabel to help me describe the enchiladas:

Tipsy: So what did you think of those enchiladas last night?

Isabel: They were fine. 

Tipsy: What did you like about them or not like about them?

Isabel (shrugging): I don't know. 

Here's what they were like: Creamy, a little crunchy, super-rich.

 I also made hamburgers for the kids. Stella polished off her own hamburger and then ate what Owen left on his plate


  1. Mother weighs in on the oven. Great idea. How about a KILN! Could possibly serve two purposes. I will have to check it out....

    Orchard---great. Possibly cherry, dwarf nectarine, kiwi, currants, blueberries? I know the orchard madness....


    Chickens? Always wanted to try them. Sounds like its time to consult Susie A.---she has the chickens, grew up with chickens, loves the chickens.

    Might add rabbits while you're at it. Do you think Mill Valley would allow a goat or a pig? We have referrals for those...

    Farmer Jennifer emerges. Go for it!!! What fun!

  2. Hi Mom,
    You are so sweet!

  3. yeah, really sweet! "Farmer Jennifer"! Maybe Isabel and owen can take up 4H. And did she really suggest a pig?

  4. Dear 10:23,
    I have been researching the laws regarding animal husbandry in Mill Valley. Very interesting -- someone should start a lively community web site with message boards on such things, you know?
    Anyway, in the City of MV you are allowed 12 chickens and 6 rabbits. No swine, goats, etc. And no bees. But we are in unincorporated MV so I don't know the rules.
    It is hard to imagine raising rabbits only to kill them for the puny amount of meat that you get from a bunny.
    Farmer Jennifer

  5. darlin' i love you, but give me park avenue...