Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eat Me: Slutty Cakes

This morning we made "slutties" -- one of the Shopsin family's more amusing pancake fantasias.

"Slutty cakes were my daughter Melinda's idea," Shopsin writes in Eat Me. "She wanted to achieve that dry, crumbly consistency of the peanut butter in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup inside a pancake, and she discovered, surprisingly, that she could get close by mixing canned pumpkin with peanut butter."

Did she? I didn't experience that "dry, crumbly consistency" from my "slutty." What I experienced was a nice pancake with a moist blob of pumpkin-flavored peanut butter in the middle. Or was it peanut butter-flavored pumpkin? 


  1. I thought that these were actually good! I found myself craving them almost all day. I just imagined them with a little less pumpkin.

  2. You know, it's weird, thanksalot. I keep thinking about them too, and also with less pumpkin. When I get home, let's try them again!!!

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