Saturday, September 26, 2009

You're always on a white mountain when you fall

Reasons today stinks. I would use a more forceful "s" word, except I am trying to expunge it from my daughter's vocabulary and must lead by example.

1. A layer of Owen's birthday cake cracked.

2. Which would be fine, if it had not subsequently calved, glacier-like, a mini-cake under the weight of the freakazoid white mountain icing.
3. That freakazoid white mountain icing! It started out firm and fluffy as usual, but then, over time, spread like Elmer's glue, for which I blame this very hot weather. Even my pathetic one-layer salvage job is a catastrophe.
4. This very hot weather. 

5. Evening forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in the company of five 4th grade boys. 

6. This afternoon, someone assumed I had been invited to a party to which I had not been invited leading to a moment of awkward silence followed by hours of rather severe dejection.
One is never too old to feel like a rejected and pitiful 2nd grader. 

This day really su .  . . bites.


  1. oh that really sucks - both the cake disaster and the lack of a party invitation. maybe it was an oversight on the part of the party planner? how could ANYONE not want you at their party? Impossible! Enjoy "Meatballs"- my 9 yr old nephew loved it.

  2. Grrr about Meatballs, but doubleplus grrr about the Wild Things bastardization that's coming.

    I appreciate your candor and bravery in sharing with us your rare setbacks.

  3. Georgia Jewel9/26/09, 11:42 PM

    Yeah, but you have oodles of friends who follow your musings every day on the web. You don't need to waste time with small talk, bad wine or uncomfortable shoes to have us like you.

    If it makes you feel any better , I was once helping to "host" a party I never got invited to. I had no idea when or where the party was but apparently I was hosting it.

    Congrats on Owen's B-day!

  4. I loved your description of the cake calving. I bet those 4th grade boys did not mind how it looked one bit. At least very bad days make good blog posts. The writer must suffer. But not too much. I hope tomorrow is much better.

  5. Poo. So sorry about the day Tipsy. Being left out is sooo crappy. Bad cakes are terrible too.

  6. I've always appreciated that in baking, even mistakes usually taste good. But in this age of posting photos, it's even more of a downer when it turns out ugly.

    One of my sons bday is in Feb and when I made the frosting for his cake, it seized bc I live in MN and our house was cold. I had to frost his cake with one hand while holding a blow drying in the other to soften the frosting.

    Not invited to the party sucks, indeed. My feeling goes to middle school, not grade school. In this Facebook age, it happens on a depressingly regular basis, seeing comments and photos from friends on parties I wasn't invited to. Facebook et al requires thicker skin that I can't always produce on demand.

    Hope the movie is happy, and the boys are with the cake.

  7. booooo. If I had a party I would totally invite you . that cake is just priceless. I'm sure it tastes great, anyway!

  8. Party non-invite. what a bummer. I hardly ever have parties but am often struck with how hard it is to gather the courage to invite people to a party. makes me respect those who are always inviting. the childhood fear of being left out of a party and/or inviting people to a party to which no one comes is ever present.

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