Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kennedy: She pulls ahead with the enchiladas

You might need an MFA to attractively style and photograph Mexican food. 

I made enchiladas verdes last night using Diana Kennedy's recipe in From My Mexican Kitchen. They were filled with roasted poblano peppers and rotisserie chicken, sauced with tomatillo salsa, topped with queso fresco, lettuce, crema. 

I give this dish a perfect 10. 

It was also easy. Rick Bayless has his work cut out for him.


  1. Those enchiladas look so good!!!

  2. But now I have a quandary--don't I need both books? And are these two their best efforts? I would sample from both myself, but our stupid library is woefully deficient in ethnic cuisine.

    I want those enchiladas.

  3. You don't need both books. Just the Kennedy book. The Bayless dishes haven't matched the Kennedys. Also, his facial hair looks like a mistake.