Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smug, smug, smug

With the homemade mozzarella, we made pizza. What else? I used whey, a cheesemaking byproduct, in the crust. The tomatoes and basil: from the garden. 

For dessert, brownies that contained eggs from our sweet chickens. 

Brownies were (clearly) popular with the local baboons, but I don't think it was the free-range, fresh eggs. I think it was the Baker's chocolate and C&H sugar from the Miller Ave. Safeway. 

Oh! I almost forgot. The vanilla extract. Homemade. I am going  to post about homemade vanilla soon, but want to run a taste-test first. This week.
We have a party to throw today. Four boys are coming over tonight to celebrate Owen's 9th birthday. I'm going to bake a cake, preferably one that does not involve a trip to the supermarket. Not because I'm a locavore, but because I'm lazy.


  1. I;m a little lazy--I just buy the curds, frozen, from a local organic cheesemaker at the farmer's market, and make my mozzarella from there. Sometimes it never makes it into pizza or lasagna--we all just hover over the plate and eat it, hot, on crackers and tomatoes.

  2. that pizza and (i have to admit) those brownies look so good....

  3. I am trying to convince my husband to get chickens. What else do you do with an acre of land?? He's not convinced yet.
    Those brownies looks delicious...and homemade mozzarella? YUM!!