Sunday, September 06, 2009

I would have preferred a couple of turkeys

Now we have another cat, a third cat. That's too many cats.

Last night, Isabel and I were celebrating my aunt Stephanie's birthday with her at Poggio (a great restaurant -- can not get that burrata out of my head!), talking about this and that and about my grandmother's affinity for animals. We all merrily agreed that what she needs is a cat, a mellow, companionable, not-too-young cat.

I could see that this was a terrible idea when it was reintroduced this morning, but there was momentum. To my surprise, Husband got enthusiastically involved and took the children to adopt a rescue cat. My grandmother was telephoned. My grandmother emphatically declared that she wants no cat, absolutely not. It will run in the street, it will interfere with her busy schedule of making coffee and watering the begonias, no pets, no, no, no.  

He's a fine cat. I have nothing against him. But if I'd known we were getting a cat for ourselves, I would have opted for a kitten. Sorry, handsome cat!  


  1. I moved in with my parents for a while in the 90s and with my two cats and their three, that made for five cats in the house. Now that's an insane number of cats. Sitting in the living room required displacing a cat.

  2. He is rather handsome, with that rakish look in his eyes.

  3. Wait a sec... We're keeping the cat?

  4. he is gorgeous...just took in a third cat myself......not that much different from having 2