Saturday, September 12, 2009

Snapshot of semi-functional marital behavior before hosting party

Tipsy Baker: Do we have any cocoa powder?

Husband, glancing in cupboard: No. I'll have to buy some.

Tipsy Baker, glancing in cupboard: We have cocoa powder right here. 

She issues a colossal, contemptuous sigh. 

Long silence. 

Tipsy Baker: Sorry. I'm tense.

Husband: I know you are. That is why I am going to stay as far away from you as I can all day while trying to everything you want me to do.

I am proud of us.


  1. That is just so beautiful. Where do you find a husband like that?

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  3. My husband is like that too, but I think it also has something to do with knowing that you are too tense/cranky/unreasonably upset and saying it. You know that song "One Week" by BNL? where they sing something like "I think its funny when you are angry" That's us. We are rarely angry at the same time.