Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Kennedy: She loses the tinga throwdown

Author: Diana Kennedy
Book: My Mexico
Dishes cooked: tinga de pollo
Score: 8

Behind on my posting. On Monday, I made Diana Kennedy's chicken tinga: "This recipe is an interesting version of the better-known pork tinga of Pueblo," she writes. 

As some of you may know, a tinga is a super-spicy, rich melange of meat, tomatoes, chorizo and chipotle chiles that you eat with tortillas and/or rice. A week ago I made a killer pork tinga from Rick Bayless, and I chose this Kennedy recipe to compare. Not a fair fight. Kennedy's tinga rocked, but pork -- especially pork shoulder -- always wins. The only meat pork shoulder can't trump is aged ribeye.

Owen: "This is hot sauce with little sprinkles of chicken. I want chicken with little sprinkles of hot sauce."

I've started making Kennedy's banana vinegar, but I think that bizarre procedure deserves its own post.


  1. It's true, very little can compete with a pork butt, as I call it. I do like a braised beef roast, though.

  2. I liked the Kennedy tinga better, I think. The Bayless tinga had some items of a texture I found less palatable. The Kennedy also made a great breakfast burrito two days later.
    A lot of this food is good, but last night's dinner created a real lot of dirty pots and pans.
    Not that I'm complaining.

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