Monday, February 09, 2009

Platter of Figs: She just can't stop herself.

Wait, did I not just write about how the blog wanted to be prettier?

I wasn't going to make David Tanis' "Tapas Party" meal as I have issues with almost everything on the menu. I'm going to come clean about those feelings and we'll see how the dinner meets (or defies) expectations:

-Octopus salad with pickled onions and Pimenton. This strikes me as a "look how edgy and eccentric I am that I'm serving OCTOPUS" recipe rather than a "this is incredibly delicious" recipe. I inflict weird dishes on my loved ones in the interest of science, not to show off how quirky I am. I think. Prediction: It'll be so-so, chewy, there will be a lot left over.

-Potato and Salt Cod Tortilla. Leaving out the salt cod as it's impossible to track down in suburbia and Tanis says it's optional. But my real concern: What is there to love about bland Spanish tortilla? Willing to be enlightened. Prediction: It'll be so-so, there will be a lot left over.

-Sea Scallops a la Plancha. Scallops are horribly expensive, therefore I never cook scallops and did not want to cook this menu. Prediction: It will be delicious, there will be none left over.

-Black Paella with squid and shrimp. See potato and salt cod tortilla. Never understood the fuss over paella. Willing to be enlightened. Prediction: It will be good, but there will be a lot left over.

-Membrillo and Sheep's Milk Cheese. Sounds great!

Now I have to go pick up the octopus.


  1. Tipsy, you are one undaunted soul; I gave up after the first meal. Did buy some Membrillo and Manchego, though, and nobody went hungry -- wishing you luck with tonights science experiment!

  2. There is so much to love about spanish tortilla! i love it, not bland at all. if there is any left over, i'm taking it home- to make tortilla sandwiches, with mayonaise, for lunch- cause clearly you don't appreciate it.

    it's ok with me that you're omiting the salt cod, but i bet you can get it at the spanish table in strawberry.

    very excited for dinner.

  3. i have a question- are there any recipes in "a platter of figs" that involve figs?

  4. Someday, when you really really really want salt cod for something, let us know. It is all over the place here, especially from October to March, before the holidays, and after, when they are trying to sell what they didn't get rid of before Christmas.

  5. I agree that there is so much to love about tortilla espaƱola. Total fan of sandwiches of tortilla with aioli. As for the octopus salad, it does not sound very interesting; try the one with octopus confit in The New Spanish Table!


  6. Hey! I had never heard of membrillo, and just looked it up, and found out why my Manchego tasted so good with the quince paste I made in the fall. Thanks for the education!

  7. i predict that there won't be any shrimp left over

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