Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh, the peer pressure

You know what my blog wishes? She wishes she were cuter. Isn't that sad? Just when I've gotten comfortable* with my own skin and shape, I have this sassy little Ms. Personality blog that suddenly wants to be pretty.


My blog wishes her mother didn't always dress her in earth tones and accessorize with dumpy snapshots and creepy art. She wishes her mother would please just get over this "looks don't matter, it's who you are inside" thing and take her to Abercrombie. A Juicy sweat jacket would also be awesome.

Poor blog. 


**What a tacky bag. Would you let your blog carry that bag?


  1. OMG! That bag is heinous! You don't want a cute blog because, as you imply, it then runs the risk of becoming tacky. And no one takes cute seriously. I envision your blog carrying something tasteful such as the Kate Spade Easton Pile:

  2. I like! There has be something between hemp sack and Juicy Couture and that might be just the thing. Classy.
    Ooh, but expensive.

  3. It's not what's on the inside that counts. It's what on the outside that make you, and your blog, what they really are.
    -- Descartes

  4. Cutesy blogs make me feel tired and irritated.

  5. You at least know where you stand. Lots of napkins for all the juice.