Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: I have been remiss

We've made Mark Bittman's pizza and his mint chocolate chip ice cream and his pancakes. I attempted the recipe for fresh ricotta (yes) for use in his vegetable lasagna. The ricotta was amazing, but the real secret to great lasagna: homemade pasta. Bittman's recipe worked just fine.

(Ed. note: In future, crop out wine bottles that seem to regularly appear in unstaged shots, especially those featuring small, cherubic children.)

I also baked Bittman's pineapple tart, which was lovely and exotic, and this morning served his overnight waffles, which were even lovelier and not exotic. 

Having now crashed out my notes on recent cooking activities, however perfunctorily, I feel better. I was starting to procrastinate. Just the fact that I've kept this blog fed and watered for 9 months gives me faith in my own lazy, procrastinating self. The world doesn't really need the blog, but I need the faith.

(Ed. note: "Perfunctorily" is an ungainly word. In future, pls. avoid.)


  1. I love the blog and continue to read it daily!

    Amy in Berkeley

  2. Yes! We need the blog! Emphatically! Inspiration! Humor! Don't leave us now!

  3. Tipsy - please continue! Your take on this adventure, never even close to perfunctory, is fresh and funny - we love it!

  4. Another Tipsy Baker fan here! Keep it coming! Love it!

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