Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

In the interest of economy and nutrition, the next cookbook I will be testing is How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. The children were aghast, but I won them over by making Bittman's pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream the other night. 

Bittman is one of my heroes and it's all been very tasty so far. I am looking forward to experimenting with his recipes for tempeh, seitan, and parsnip gnocchi.


  1. We are opposite coast cookbook doppelgangers.
    This was one of my recent library cookbooks. As I have a three year old who eats nothing plant based until it is ground in to flour, I was limited but totally intrigued. And growing up in Hippietown, USA, I'm suspicious of brown rice casseroles masquerading as dinner so I will really look forward to what you find and make from the book!
    And I adore Mark Bittman too. My mother died before she taught me to cook (I was in my 30s so really, no excuse) and his original How to Cook Everything was really ground zero for me in the kitchen and is still indispensable.

  2. Please tell me what you made that was good. Did you try any of the exotic stuff?

  3. As an eater, not a cooker or baker, I can only say that it seems to me that the How to Cook Everything book might be today's One Cookbook to Have If You Only Have One Cookbook.
    More so than Joy of Cooking, yes?