Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Tempeh chili & saffron ice cream

Mark was not fond of Mark Bittman's tempeh chili, which he deemed strange and too spicy. He decided he would rather have a bowl of cornflakes, and did. I thought the chili was terrific, and ate his leftovers, then dished the rest of the pot into little tupperware containers, labeled them and put them in the freezer for future lunches. I am always putting things in the freezer and almost never take them out. Let this not be the fate of the yummy tempeh chili.

I do have doubts about tempeh. I liked its nutty flavor and I didn't miss meat in the chili at all, but the packets of tempeh I bought (wrapped in two layers of naughty plastic) cost more per pound than premium Whole Foods beef. While I understand that for vegans and vegetarians tempeh is a valuable source of protein, does it really makes sense for the rest of us?

Kids came home from Spaghetti Bingo (fun! everyone was there!) in time for dessert, which was saffron ice cream, a buttercup-yellow ambrosia that I kept patting myself on the back for producing. 

Mark thought it was "weird." 


  1. I have that very same book of nursery rhymes!

    Just in case you were wondering.

  2. that tempeh chili was tasty, though if i had any complaint it would be that it was maybe a little too sweet. but i agree, doesn't seem right to have to pay a lot for tempeh.

  3. The saffron ice cream was weird, but just because it was unexpected. Kind of like green tea ice cream the first time I had that. The saffron ice cream was excellent.
    I read today that in Afghanistan, there are a lot of opium farmers now growing saffron instead.