Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taste test: cake lollipops

I dropped by to visit my sister yesterday morning and she got a wild look in her eye and said, "You have to try one of these," and gestured to a box full of what I guess you would call cake lollipops. They were a gift from friends in honor of the birth of Ben. It was 9 a.m. and too early for cake or lollipops, but Justine is rarely wrong about food. 

The cake lollipop -- hand-made at the Sophie Buns Bakery in Pleasanton, Calif. -- is fantastic in concept and execution. The whole exquisite thing is encased in a firm, waxy icing, and when you break through you encounter a bite of frosting and supremely moist -- pudding-moist -- cake. It's like a petit four on a stick. Why does no one seem to make petit fours anymore? They fill a niche, these dainty, lovely cake-like items. Like a cookie, they're a modest eating commitment., but unlike a flat, arid cookie, they're complicated and interesting. There's icing and decoration and underneath are surprises, layers, jams, and buttercreams, all wrapped up in one tiny, cunning package.

They look like they must be incredibly fussy and hard to make, which is probably why no one makes them anymore. I am answering my own question. Some petit four pictures:

Speaking of girly, Isabel and her best friend went to see New Moon yesterday and they didn't invite me, they just asked me to drive. This made me wistful. I saw Twilight with them last year, and was under the impression we'd had a grand time. I think Robert Pattinson is cute, but he's a poor girl's Ed Westwick. That last sentence? I tried it out on Isabel and her friend in the car and was met with the heaviest of sighs. I can't decide if I come off more like Courteney Cox on Cougar Town or the dorky "cool dad" on Modern Family. In either case, it is clear why Isabel didn't invite me to the movie.


  1. that lollipop is so good!!! and also where can you get those little cakes??

  2. I completely agree with the love of petit fours - and am so sad that the only place I seem to be able to get them is Harry and Davids. I think they qualify as something that I've always wanted to make - but have never gotten around to.
    These cake pops remind me of a peanut butter pop i had - same type of frosting, but with a peanut butter ball in the middle (like the inside of a reeses pieces - only better).


  3. Get thee to and learn all about cake pops! The photos are really eye popping. It's hard to believe she's an amateaur baker and photographer!

  4. No kidding, AzureSong. Cake pops are a phenom!
    Wow. I had no idea.

  5. "Justine is rarely wrong about food."
    = Word.

    Those petit four pictures have me in a state. I must find some for my daughter's fourth birthday. They are like little-girlhood in pastry form.

  6. I have a friend that made cake pops for her daughter's 3rd birthday party. They were absolutely delicious but SO time-consuming. I don't even think the kids knew what they were eating besides sugar. I think best reserved for people that can appreciate these little gems are so much more than just cake!
    the petit fours are adorable - they still make them at a french bakery here in town, but I never get them. i might have to reconsider next time.

  7. Ahh! I love petit fours! I miss them.

    I'm so happy you've seen Modern Family. That dad has the same qualities as Michael Scott--you sometimes have to put your hands over your eyes and watch what he's doing through your fingers, it is so painful.

  8. LizA from Austria11/23/09, 12:08 PM

    Here in Austria, every good Cake Shop (Konditorei) does Petits Fours. They are quite popular at company events as they make good finger food...

    I used to make them every year for New Year's Eve - they are not hard to make at all but LOTS of work. The icing is the problem - in the recipe, they baldly tell you - put jam on them, dip them into the icing and decorate. BUT the dipping does not work, unless you do not fill your petit four with anything - but if it is filled with butter cream or something, it will fall apart as soon as you dunk it into the icing.... grr.
    Anyway, when I did them (and they were famous all around!) I would spend HOURS in the kitchen, and then people goppled them up and asked for more....

  9. Love the cake pop concept! MISS petits fours... Remind me of my great grandmother wearing white gloves and saying, "If I'd known the Emorys were coming, I'd have worn my diamonds..."

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