Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another day, another coffee cake

Funny, because I rarely eat coffee cake, preferring to maintain the illusion that I'm on a diet until at least noon. But in the interest of science. . .

The Gourmet Today buttermilk coffee cake beats out both Starbucks and the Todd Wilbur Starbucks clone recipe. Taller, fluffier, more substantial, prettier, though the same general rich batter/cinnamon streusel idea. All I would do to improve this cake would be to use more nuts and leave them in biggish pieces for crunch.

In other news, the turkey is tragically lonely. I would think she was sick if I hadn't seen her traipsing widely and seemingly cheerfully around her original home with her turkey companions just a few days ago. Now she just stands in one place for hours and makes hiccuping sounds if anyone approaches. I have picked her up, and she's this heavy, warm, throbbing armful of bird and I hate that she is so glum. She's barely eating, and although I've forced her beak into the water bowl, have not seen her drink. I'm sorry I didn't buy one of the other turkeys to keep her company, and have considered going back to correct my mistake, but it's a very, very long drive to French Camp and the plan was never to keep this bird for long.

If I get more turkeys, which I'd like to do in the spring, I'm going to get heritage turkeys, and start them from poults. This turkey is a painfully awkward animal -- she can't fly and can barely navigate the stairs because she's so top-heavy, so buxom. I suspect she's a broad-breasted white, the Frankenstein breed developed for factory farms. I'm sure you can have a very nice life as a clumsy, top-heavy, flightless bird -- but only if thoughtless people don't also separate you from your BFFs.

I really might have to go back and buy that other turkey. That is crazy, right? Yes. It is crazy.


  1. I think she is just adjusting. Isn't she in the same pen as the chickens? Because it's just as likely that she's dying of being inbred as loneliness. You may want to harvest her right now before she mopes herself into sickness and isn't fit to eat.

  2. most animals are like people - we want to be around others like us. maybe ms. turkey is lonely...but if you're only keeping her a few weeks, perhaps it won't be too bad until then...

  3. i like the heritage idea. now there're some turkeys worth looking at. a dozen of those strutting around the yard would give those uppity chickens some second thoughts.
    much as you may like this lonely turkey, i think you should
    A. avoid naming it.
    B. start looking at stuffing recipes.
    It's all part of the 4H, circle of life experience.

  4. If you are harvesting her for Thanksgiving, stay strong and stick with one, though I think Layne might be right.
    But if you aren't planning on a fast harvest, I'd be driving out to get another lurchy turkey, no matter the crummy drive. But this is perhaps why I am not raising poultry in my yard.

  5. I wish I could loan you some of the wild turkeys that hang around my yard.

  6. Please say you aren't planning on eating her....:( Your tales of your flock are so nice to read (even the recent tragedy with the neighbors dog)! :) Best, Ida

  7. Has the turkey gobbled?


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