Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Sober Baker

Once a year I go through a period of sobriety. I think that moment has rolled around again.

There was no cooking last night, as we went to a huge, fantastically fun 40th birthday party with a lot of people we sort of know from the kids' school, but have never seen at night or without their children. Everyone did their best to dress like it was 1985. Very amusing. Open bar. I started with some demure white wine, then after about three glasses decided that vodka cranberry would be more refreshing. And since a live band was playing the music of my '80s youth, I was a dancing fool and needed lots of refreshing! 

Soon I was simply a fool. . . 

Okay. I fell down while dancing. Here's the worst part -- I got up and kept dancing. And I fell down again. Yes, I was wearing 4-inch cork heels and it was a slippery gym floor, but please.

Ninety days of cheerful sobriety this year, starting now. 


  1. Oh no! Is this the end of Tipsy
    Baker? Are you really Sober Baker, or just Baker? Can you even be an untipsy baker?

  2. I'll still be the tipsy baker -- tipsy in spirit! And in 90 days perhaps tipsy on spirits again!
    But I have increasingly been The Soused Baker and need to make some adjustments.