Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Seventh Daughter: Beggar's Chicken, Part III

Enough with the silliness for one moment. I just ate a small plate of cold Beggar's Chicken for lunch and it was. . . it was sublime. A word I use rarely. Each piece tender, suffused with flavor, needing not a grain of salt. You alternate a bite of mild, sweet chicken with a juicy black mushroom, then a sliver of ham, then a crunchy water chestnut, then another morsel of bird. I don't ordinarily love chicken, but this is spectacular. 

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  1. Well, after a few days away studying National League third basemen that I maybe should try to add to my baseball team, I have returned to read up on the Half-Tipsy Half-Baked Tipsy Baker.
    There have been some fun adventures! Moldy noodles at 26th and Irving. Chicken wrapped in clay -- as opposed to Laura Palmer in plastic. Clay-encased chicken dropped on the floor, which I believe was also a scene in "Annie Hall." Some scrumptious entries.
    You go, Tipsy Girl!