Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Bombay Kitchen: Short & Sweet

That's more like it, yes?

Mark told me that recent posts were "wordy" so I'll keep my account of last night's meal brief.

Checka came over, and we heated up various savory Parsi leftovers -- then added something new to mix, what Niloufer Ichaporia King calls Mehlli's Orchard Breakfast. (She first ate it at the home of her friend Mehlli, who owns a sapodilla orchard near Bombay. I want a friend with a sapodilla orchard!) Its main ingredient is pohua (or poha), which is flaked rice that you moisten with cold water then throw into a skillet full of golden fried onions, spices, and potatoes. It is easy and REALLY delicious.

We also had Puris, prepared by Isabel, and Date pastries (khajur ni ghari) prepared by Checka and myself. See impressively styled photo above. Alas, although the pastries were pretty, none of us loved eating them. I would go on, but do not want this writeup to become "prolix," another adjective that my spouse has applied to this blog.


  1. Dear CardoMOM,

    Short is fine, but I enjoy long and chatty myself. Dont let anyone cramp your style! Just ramble and give us the funny tidbits...

    Did you use some cardomom in any dish? Your family must LOVE the stuff, the way you have taken to it Bravo for them.

    Johnson, SF

  2. Hello Johnson,
    There was cardamom in last night's date pastries. I personally love cardamom but have found others do not. Men, in particular, seem to be put off by its perfume.
    CardaMOM -- cute!

  3. I respectfully disagree with your husband! I like the long rambling entries- i guess they're wordy, but in a good way! i want a picture of that rice breakfast dish you mentioned- i can't imagine it, was it pasty? flaked rice? i'm curious to know what the texture was and what color it was.

  4. Hi Anonymous 6:34 AM
    The pressed rice dish was yellow, and flaky and light, though you could smush it with the buttery potatoes to make something more pasty.