Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Must Go: More Nigella

She makes illustrating a blog post easy, doesn't she. 

But I'm DONE opining on Nigella's looks and am going to opine today, albeit briefly, on her writing and her Bang Bang turkey, a fabulous minty/spicy/peanutty Asian salad that uses up three cups of leftover turkey. Writes Nigella: "I know it's a bore having to get hold of the Chinese vinegar and chilli-bean sauce but it's these ingredients that set off the glotally clotting gooeyness of the peanut butter."

Glotally clotting gooeyness. I'd never have come up with a phrase like that -- too glotally clotting and gooey -- but I know exactly what she means! I envy the lack of inhibition. She's an effective communicator, Nigella, and that Bang Bang Turkey was so delicious I may risk ptomaine by eating the rest of it today for lunch.

Do you think she dyes her hair to achieve that black licorice color? Is it flattering, or would she be better with something softer? 


  1. She's definitely easier on the eyes than Kenny Shopsin, to whom I turned for using-up-leftover-turkey recipes. I made his "Turkey Cloud," which is an absurd name for a fairly absurd dish: patties of soggy stuffing and shredded turkey. He compares it to boudin, but what it's really like is a crab cake: Will it hold together? Is it too wet? Too dry? By the time I'd added four extra eggs and dredged them in flour, they held together OK, and they actually tasted pretty good--like a really great GardenBurger (but better than a GardenBurger on account of containing meat). More evidence, if we needed any, that Shopsin doesn't know how to write a recipe. I'm only continuing to blight your blog with Shopsin-talk because we seem to be in an interregnum between "Eat Me" and "The Splendid Table," and also because I like the imaginary juxtaposition of Nigella Lawson and Shopsin. That would be a great cooking show. Beauty and the Beast. How would Nigella look in a headband?

  2. tMelvil,
    I actually have Shopsin's Che and Blisters on Sisters slated for the end of this week, to use up his chili and black bean soup which are clogging my freezer.
    Interesting about the turkey cloud. Did you "gshmush" the turkey?

  3. I'm not sure what g'shmushing entails, but I must have done something approximating it in the process of making these things.

  4. I gave "Feast" to my father 2 or 3 years ago and he was most taken with Nigella's black eyebrows. In fact, to this day he refers to Nigella as "Eyebrows".

    I'm thinking you can't have jet black eyebrows without jet black hair? And it looks fabulous, the color I covet.

    (You should see all the gorgeous Navajo and Apache hair up here in Northern New Mexico. Who thought jet-black hair could contain so much light?! And it's worn to the waist, so straight and thick and shiny.)

    Anyhoo, I'd forgotten about her Bang Bang Chicken so that will be next...

  5. I haven't visited your blog in months, not due to a lack of fascination, but for a lack of time on the computer. I love your cookbook "reviews" - great addition!

    Isabel's friend

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