Saturday, December 06, 2008

Eat Me: The Last, Anguished Gasp

There are dozens of words to describe Kenny Shopsin's Blisters on My Sisters, but they are all unprintable. 


  1. But does gross quite capture it?

  2. we want to know more.

  3. Damn! I didn't know I was related to Kenny Shopsin!

  4. Okay, Anonymous 7:30 PM: Blisters on My Sisters is made by mixing white rice and bean soup and tomatoes in a saute pan. Shopsin's instructions: "Mush it all up together."
    What you end up with is indeed mush, something you might serve to an elderly person who has misplaced his dentures and can't handle a fork and knife. Tasty enough, but if you have teeth and motor skills -- why?
    After preparing mush, you lay out arugula on a plate, top with three corn tortillas, top with the aforementioned mush, then top with two sunny-side up eggs. The name comes from a Frank Zappa song and I'm not sure what it means, but I'm guessing: dirty. To me the eggs look like the bosom of a stout woman of sixty or so who has just removed her corset.
    I thought the dish was missing something and further research indicates that at the restaurant it is served with cheese broiled on top:
    Certainly the photo in the link is more modest and attractive than mine, but Shopsin doesn't include cheese in the recipe in his cookbook. What this tasted like was egg yolks on mush on undressed salad. Of course I ate it, but I wasn't proud of myself. My spouse, a person of restraint and dignity, refused to eat it at all.

  5. thank you for that clarification.
    1. i'm sorry i asked.
    2. without having seen, smelled or tasted it really, i'd say gross is probably an understatement.
    so glad you have moved on.
    you have moved on, right?

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