Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Splendid Table: Stock-making

I hate making broth and always have. But a super-rich meat broth is integral to Lynne Rossetto Kasper's recipes in The Splendid Table so I dutifully rounded up 3 pounds of beef bones, 8 pounds of turkey wings (so cheap!), added water and vegetables, let it bubble gently in a giant pot on the stove for fourteen hours, filling the house with the fragrance of dog food.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. That was a repulsive thing to say. But true. I have just strained the broth and now have all these slippery wet bones. What to do with them? Can't dump them in the blackberry bushes (meat=vermin) and if I leave them in the kitchen they will reek by tomorrow and if I put them in the outdoor garbage pail the raccoons will go berserk. And there are too many bones to fit in the freezer for storage until garbage day.


Meanwhile, the Modena Mountain Bread experiment proceeds. This morning I mixed the two doughs (one with organic flour, one with conventional) and at this point can see no difference between them. Both doughs have risen mightily and will be ready to bake in a couple of hours.