Sunday, December 07, 2008

Surprise (Not) Party

Was it a surprise? She says yes, but I have my doubts. If she'd really believed we were going to the French Laundry would she have worn the jeans? 

Matters not. Justine had a big birthday, we threw a big party, people ate, people drank, people listened to Yaz and Donny & Marie and Emmylou Harris on our fabulous sentimental mix CD. Kids ran around with grimy handfuls of baguette and my mother (pictured above in striking ropy necklace) worked the crowd, one of her brilliant gifts and one that I sadly did not inherit. 

I hereby declare the event a smashing success!!!

I've been wanting to post about the menu-planning machinations for several long, lonely weeks, but for obvious reasons could not. There is more to this story --  the most expensive meat purchase of my life, uncharacteristic anxiety & copious tears, our national appetizer crisis, Martha-Stewart-to-the-rescue! etc. -- coming soon.


  1. more photos please--especially those that include food.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the national appetizer crisis. I assume that this item is at the top of President-Elect Obama's agenda.

  3. I left off when you tentatively finished Slopsin---but then you returned later with two gems that have me convinced I would NOT want that cookbook, though I tend to cook in the haphazard way he does. Rather make my own mistakes and inventions. If one uses a recipe, it ought to be better than one can do creatively on her own.

    The latest blog are lots of fun to read, and great photos. Bet that cleanup of the fridge took more than a week! I particularly enjoy the comments on the family---brings real life into it all. And isn't that the way mothers cook, in the middle, often, of chaos.

    Congratulations to Isabel on the pies. Must be genetic! When will her blog begin?

    Looking forward to more missives.


    An admirer

  4. ok tipsy. where have you gone?? come back! we miss you!

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