Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Alaska: Anchorage

Oh, how I have missed blogging. I would have blogged every day of this strange and fascinating vacation if internet connections had been more reliable in some of our farflung destinations -- and if the food had been more noteworthy. Mostly, our Alaskan meals have involved overflowing plastic baskets of frozen crinkle-cut french fries, soupy cole slaw, and Coffee-mate. 

But here's my question: If the food is so crummy why am I returning home resembling one of the ectoplasmic humanoids from Wall-E ?

I think we know the answer: I am a fool for frozen crinkle-cut french fries.
Today, I lunched on caribou stew. Okay, not a high point, but worth a try and a photograph (see right.) We also watched a film about an Eskimo whale hunt in which the raw whale -- sliced on screen, on the beach -- resembled the most beautiful, pale pink sushi. Everyone else in the audience was gasping and hiding their eyes and I was thinking, hmm. . . . it looks kind of appetizing.

Yes, I was ashamed of myself.


  1. You didn't actually ever have the elk medallions. That next morning you had four pieces of french toast with lots of sweet, sticky syrup. mmmm.. (Although I did to)

  2. Actually, I only ate two of those slices of french toast, thanksalot. And not that much syrup, either. So there.

  3. This post reminded me of a time I was traveling in Australia and it went like this?
    Australian barista: Would you like some coffee, mate?
    Me: I'd prefer half-and-half, if you have any.