Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holiday from Cooking

In the temporary absence of my family (they are estivating in Marion, Mass.) I have hung up my apron. Instead of cooking, I am trying all the San Francisco restaurants that are ordinarily lost to me as a suburban householder with children.

I've been slowed somewhat by work responsibilities and a cruelly timed, viciously painful sore throat, but I did manage to swallow an amazing dinner at Orson. You can read a discussion of Orson (Tipsy Baker contributed) here. I was inspired to try this extraordinary restaurant by  an excellent review from the always reliable Patty Unterman

Enough gushing. God. Extraordinary? Excellent? Always-reliable? All in one sentence?

Today: Koi Palace dim sum (if the sore throat abates and the lines aren't too long) and then dinner with my mother and grandmother at Manresa in Los Gatos. 

Things continue in this vein for the next week, though I may have to cut it all short if I gain more than four pounds. I think that's a reasonable amount to allow myself, no? Or should I make it five?

In other news, I have continued blogging about The Closer. The comments have turned a bit harsh, which is puzzling to me, but par for the course. Or so I hear.

Where else should I eat?

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