Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best of the Best from Alaska: Can't Focus on Food Today

That's one giant halibut. Don't really love fish, but I do like halibut -- something about the big, firm white flakes. Almost like crab. I feel guilty cooking seafood these days, given the state of the oceans, but I haven't read anything sad about halibut. 

Though to be honest, I haven't looked. 

So, I made a Halibut Nicoise Salad last night from the Best of the Best from Alaska. (Of course.) Reasonably delicious and very healthy. I have nothing else to say about dinner, for once.

Meanwhile, check out my new Entertainment Weekly blog about TNT's crime drama The Closer  starring Kyra Sedgwick. Presumably, I will be doing this every week unless the readers hate me. I briefly babysat a similar blog for the moronic, addicting L-Word, but my musings were not much appreciated. If you click here you can read the enraged comments at the end of my most-loathed L-Word post. I won't pretend they didn't sting. 

God. Now I'm really nervous. What if this happens again with The Closer? I can sure dish it out, but I don't much enjoy being criticized.

 Funny how that works.


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