Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tony Tutto's Pizza

I live in a small town without all that many exciting restaurants and so the arrival of a new one requires that I cancel all other plans, even those involving halibut, and go OUT to dinner. 

Usually, I'm disappointed. But Tony Tutto's is wonderful. I am so happy, albeit slightly worried for the future of this sweet, personal, and rather disorganized little place. If you're interested, you can read my longer report here.

And if you are in the vicinity of Mill Valley, Calif., try Tony Tutto's yourself: 246 East Blithedale, 415/388-8646.  


  1. Wow. I want to help this restaurant survive here because this pizza is SO GOOD. hard to describe, but great. seriously great. but they are not savvy business people, no appetizers or salads during the loooong wait for the pizza. but i guess, if you leave elated from great pizza, it doesn't matter what happened before the pizza arrived.

  2. I think I went to the place like a couple of times, the food is delicious one of the best pizzas I had ever tasted. Is it still open??77sv