Sunday, December 13, 2009

While I was napping

That's a clone of a Mars Munch Bar that my husband and Owen  made out of Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes Unlocked yesterday afternoon. You have no idea how rare it is that either of them does anything in the kitchen more complicated than pouring a bowl of Cheerios or opening a carton of yogurt. Owen wanted to buy a Snickers, Husband said no, but that they could go home and make a candy bar. So they did. 

I was shocked and impressed. I ate so much of this candy that I have a stomachache. It's like peanut brittle that doesn't stint on the peanuts or stick in your teeth. The chocolate wasn't called for in the recipe, but works.

Tipsy: Doesn't it make you want to try more stuff in the kitchen?

Husband: No, it just makes me want to make this over and over again.


  1. if this were a novel, or a movie, this scene would mark some sort of major character reversal, breakthrough, epiphany, whatever.
    kind of amazing. tipsy has a convert--albeit of limited scope. two guys and a candy bar.
    can you share the recipe?

  2. thanks for the apology.

  3. that looks delicious. the only downside I can see? once the store-bought snickers is gone, the temptation is gone. once you learn how to MAKE one? you're never safe again! :)

  4. are you boxing quantities and sending them by federal express across the USA to relatives???

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