Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moro mystery meal

Whatever could it be?  There appears to be a heel of bread on a chipped blue plate, and some mysterious matter contained in a bowl atop which float puddles of what could be oil and lumps and flecks and globules of what could be anything at all. 

I'm continuing to try to choose dishes from Moro that are challenging or expensive or exotic and therefore exciting to cook. Since exotic and expensive are unsustainable, I've recently made two dinners that involved poached eggs, as there is still a small challenge/thrill attached. (Until recently, I'd never poached an egg.)

The first poached egg dish was Moro's garlic soup, which was rudimentary but outstanding. You separate four heads of garlic into cloves, cook in olive oil until soft, squeeze the velvety garlic out of the skins and puree with chicken stock and paprika. Just before serving, poach eggs in the soup, one for each eater. Thick and rich and a big success.

Yesterday I made the meal above: poached eggs with yogurt, sage, and paprika. You pound garlic with salt and mix with some homemade (or Greek) yogurt. Put a dollop of yogurt in each person's bowl. Brown some butter, fry a little bit of sage, poach an egg. Put egg on top of the yogurt, put sage and butter on top of egg, sprinkle paprika over all and serve with toast. It sounds weird, possibly even icky, but the yogurt is substantial and super-garlicky, like one of those pungent Greek dips you scoop up with pita bread, and the whole ensemble is craveworthy. You should have seen Owen gobbling it up. 

Tonight: roast duck with membrillo and some crazy "wind-dried" tuna I had to mail order. Definitely expensive, I'm hoping for exotic, and perhaps, if I'm lucky, not too challenging.


  1. okay, i'll bite. what is membrillo?

  2. I believe membrillo is quince in Spanish.

  3. My first thought was membrillo = membrane. Quince sounds much better.

  4. Oh no, now I don't like "membrillo" anymore either!

  5. even though i don't eat eggs, they sound great. esp the soup.

  6. I tried the garlic soup and it was really delicious! Thanks for the idea!

  7. I had that poached egg in yogurt and sage at the restaurant and it was one of the most incredible things ever. So glad to have the "recipe." Thanks.

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